Readers Comment on Homeschooling Book

"I just finished reading your book and thoroughly enjoyed it!" says Debbie Williams, host and executive producer of By the Book Radio. Read what others have said about Homeschooling More Than One Child: A Practical Guide for Families.

"This is the best, most concise and straightforward book on homeschooling I have seen. It is filled with practical ideas, simple solutions, lots of resources and lots of encouragement to the new and veteran homeschooler. I have been homeschooling my children for over 12 years now and have collected a rather large library of homeschooling books and resources. I was interested in this book because, with 8 children, I am always looking for fresh ideas on teaching several children at once, managing the household along with homeschooling, etc. If you are just beginning to homeschool or perhaps need some new ideas or approaches, get this book. I especially would recommend it to anyone who is considering homeschooling, because it so brilliantly and simply lays out in an organized manner everything you need to know to get started."
~ Christine Read, homeschooling mom of eight

"Fresh, new ideas even for veteran homeschoolers!"
~ Rochelle Andrews, homeschooling mother of four

"Where the prayers leave off is where Home Schooling More Than One Child: A Practical Guide for Families comes in. Carren Joye has put together one of the most helpful resources I've found for the home schooling family. She covers everything from deciding to home school to teaching your 12th grader."
~ Leslie, homeschooling mother of four, blog review at Lux Venit (July 19, 2007)

"Not only is Homeschooling More Than One Child well named, but it goes far beyond my expectations. Whether you have two children or twelve, whether they are close in age or far apart, whatever teaching style you choose, and regardless of what learning styles your children are - this book is great! As a mom of seven, with eighteen years of homeschooling experience, I highly recommend this book."
~ Willena Flewelling, reviewer in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine (November 2005)

"You'll find encouragement and practical information that you can at once put to good use."
~ Jean Hall, reviewer in Eclectic Homeschool Online, homeschooling mom of three

"Homeschooling More Than One Child is a book I will recommend to others, because you give such good information and ideas so clearly and so articulately and with such encouragement. Also, you present this subject of homeschooling which can be so overwhelming, especially to beginners, in a manner that is simple and straightforward. I can tell you, because I have a bookshelf full of how-to-homeschool books (which I lend to folks from time to time), that yours is one of the best yet. I congratulate you on a job well done and look forward to telling others of your book!"
~ Christine Read, homeschooling mother of eight

"You have once again written a 'must-have' for my collection."
~ LaLonni Mizzell, co-founder of the Elmore County Homeschool Organization (ECHO) and homeschooling mother of four

"You did an excellent job on your book. It is very clear and concise, and I think it will help many who are considering homeschooling but just do not know where or how to begin. I like the fact that it isn't an overwhelming book that may intimidate prospective homeschooling parents. Rather, it is encouraging and informational, and I plan to get a couple copies for some friends who are teetering with the idea of homeschooling."
~ Shelley Newton, homeschooling mother of five

"It's a very informative reference book."
~ Amy Tanner, author of From Stained Glass to Pure Snow, founder of True Reflections Women's Ministry, and mother of four

"Families large or small, with endless funds or limited budget, will find real help with this book."
~ Deana Sessions, mother of two

"I felt when I was reading it that I could have skipped lots of other how-to homeschool books, because this one gave me the basics and more, all from the angle of 'how-to' with more than one child. Of course, you can still read those other how-to books if you want, but you'll just be duplicating your efforts. Just read this one and get it all in one place, plus save you some money."
~ Barbara Willard, mother of three

"I am glad I bought this book. I think I will go back to it over and over again, just to remind myself (I used a highlighter) of some things when the days don't go as planned or when I am needing some encouragement and/or motivation. If you're new to home schooling, then don't hesitate to get it. You'll benefit from everything in this book. If you're not-so-new to home schooling, then you'll probably do what I did and just read those parts that most interest you. I still say it's worth it."
~ Leslie, homeschooling mother of four