About Homeschooling More Than One Child: A Practical Guide for Families

This award-winning book addresses the special challenges of homeschooling two or more children for parents just starting to homeschool or veterans desiring fresh ideas. From extensive research and personal experience, author Carren W. Joye provides a comprehensive collection of quick tips and long-term solutions to make homeschooling more than one child a successful and rewarding experience.

This sensible guide offers practical ideas on balancing the needs of different ages and abilities, juggling multiple commitments, choosing or designing a curriculum to fit each child, finding socialization opportunities that appeal to all ages, and more!

Whether you plan a traditional, eclectic or unschooling approach, you can use this book to:
  • Get started and meet state regulations
  • Organize multiple schedules, materials and records
  • Motivate your children and avoid burnout
  • Tackle housework while homeschooling
  • Use the Internet and free software to make homeschooling easy and affordable even for a large family
Regardless of the number of children in your family, Homeschooling More Than One Child: A Practical Guide for Families is a reference you can turn to throughout your homeschooling endeavor!

  • First Place in the Reference Category of the 13th Annual Writer's Digest International Self-Published Book Awards (October 2005)
  • First Runner Up in the Home Category of the 2006 Writers Notes Book Awards (March 2006)

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