Midwest Book Review Gives 5 Out of 5 Stars To Homeschooling Book

Home Schooling More Than One Child: A Practical Guide For Families by Carren W. Joye (founder of a statewide homeschool regional support group) is an easy-to-use and quite innovative instructional guide for proper assessment, coordination, and organizing of homeschooling parents with multiple students.

Introducing the reader to more efficient, effective, and practical methods of collectively motivating, scheduling, educating and balancing a number of homeschooled students, Home Schooling More Than One Child also teaches of how one might approach various ages, doing housework, afford internet, retain a social focus for the children and much more. Home Schooling More Than One Child is very highly recommended to all parents looking for a more supplemental and effective approach to homeschooling more than one student at a time.

Midwest Book Review