Readers Comment on Playgroup Book

"I have already read the entire book, and all of the materials have been invaluable to me. I was feeling a little lost about where to begin planning but now the formation of our group is well under way. Thank you so much!" says Maggie Spicer of Rock Springs, WY. Read what others have said about A Stay-at-Home Mom's Complete Guide to Playgroups by Carren W. Joye.
Carren W. Joye, mother of four and founder of 5 successful playgroups, has written a helpful book for parents.

Dyana Barnes of New York, NY says:
WHAT A GREAT BOOK!!! You have given so much information, it would be impossible for anyone not to have a very successful playgroup, if they follow what you have written. From the way I read the book, this was your calling, you are the PLAYGROUP QUEEN.

Kellie Stevenson of Eufaula, AL says:
A must have for every mom! It has so many ideas for putting a playgroup together. It covers everything from getting started to problem solving. There are many ideas for crafts that I was able to use in my toddler class at church as well as ideas for older children. I think this is a must read for every mom, not just stay-at-home moms.

Sharese Christensen of Port Angeles, WA says:
I'm happy to report that our group has turned out to be wonderful. There's no way that I could've done it without your book. Any mother who is trying to start a group without this book is making a HUGE mistake. I love this book and wouldn't even sell it for a million bucks!

Dr. Dora Tellier-Robinson of Bergan County, NJ says:
From what I have seen of your book, it seems to be very helpful not only for those people who want to start a playgroup but also to those who already have a playgroup. I think it is the kind of book I should and need to have in my educational library.

Tracy Fayman of Walnut Creek, CA:
I'd like to mention how pleased I am with your book. It was very informative and motivating. Incidentally, your book inspired a friend of mine in another city to start her own playgroup.

Norma Eck of Denver, CO says:
Your book helped immensely in the process of forming the playgroup!

Cheri Benz of Maroa, IL says:
A must-have book for every playgroup! The playgroup I started with the guidance of this book has 25 moms and 35 children. Without this book my playgroup wouldn't exist. I can't tell you how many great ideas the book gave me that I never even thought about. If you're looking to start a playgroup, or even wanting to make an existing playgroup better, you definitely need this book!

Christy Wilkinson of Houston, TX says:
I'm very excited about starting this new adventure. I have had my unsuccessful playgroup almost a year. I went out and bought your book LAST NIGHT and spent the majority of today reading, note taking, and planning. Thank you so much!

Lynnae L. Peltier of Eastpointe, MI says:
I want to thank you for writing the book on playgroups! It has been a great help. I have been hosting playgroup at my house for the first couple of months, because no one else was offering nor giving any input on anything. They just kept saying "whatever you decide is fine." I didn't feel comfortable "offering" another person's home, so I decided to rotate the hostess every week and I made calendars as you suggest in your book. Now maybe I'll get more input from the other moms. Thank you again!

Deana Sessions of Myrtle Beach, SC says:
This is what I've been looking for! It's just an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide. All the books recommend starting a playgroup, but not one goes into exactly how to do it. Yours does! I think I'll even be able to use it as a reference a long time after our playgroup has gotten off the ground. I highly recommend it to all SAHMs -- and dads too! Thanks so much!

Denise Willard of SC says:
Wonderful book! This book takes a common sense approach to organizing a playgroup. Helpful tips and suggestions cover how to find other moms to join, how to handle common (and not so common) problems, how to set up rules, etc. I've used it to start a playgroup in my neighborhood, and I'm so glad I did! I was very anxious about starting a playgroup, but this book has given me confidence and has been so helpful in the whole process. I highly recommend it.

Tamara Mercer of Van Wert, OH says:
Your book has been an inspiration to us while planning our playgroup. Thank you for all of your help!

Christine Mousseau of Keene, NH:
Thank you for writing your book. It has been a VERY BIG help. I am very excited to have started this playgroup here! It shows me that things can happen if you just do it. Thanks again.

Joan Koriath, review in Kid County magazine:
One of the first books dedicated to playgroups! This book is a great reference for all parents whether you are home full time or work full time. The author provides practical and solid advice...(Read entire review)

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