Families Comment on Alabama State History Curriculum

"With this course, my children learn the same topic in Alabama history, but they do activities and lessons geared to their individual abilities," says Denise of Millbrook, mother of four.

In addition to homeschooling families such as Denise's, one private Christian school in Alexander City used the curriculum to teach their fourth graders during the 2007-2008 school year, the Academy Days Co-op has used it twice to teach classes in grades 1-10, and two other co-ops have used it to teach 4th and 5th graders. Read more comments from families who have enjoyed Carren's Alabama State History Curriculum these past few years.

The online lessons make the curriculum very cost-effective, which is what I was looking for. I really like the specific field trip suggestions and contact information included. Thank you for the extra attention to those details.
~ Deana of Deatsville

This is exactly what I was looking for! I'm boring myself as we read through the Alabama textbook that I already have and I was hoping this would be a resource to make it more interesting/memorable to the kids. I am grateful to have found you on the internet! Thank you very much!
~ Rebecca of Grand Bay

Wow! You have really covered everything! Even I am learning so much about Alabama history that I never knew before!
~ Christie of Millbrook

We have already started our Alabama History, and I can say I am very impressed. It amazes me at your talent to put all of this together!
~ Jennifer of Thomasville

I can't express how much we all love this curriculum. It is exactly what we were looking for. From one homeschool mom to another, I thank you for taking the time to put this curriculum together. I am always looking for just the right book to keep my girls interested and wanting to learn more. Our daughter can't wait for history!!! Since she wants to do history ALL the time, we finally set aside one day a week just for Alabama history. Of course, we are learning just as much as her. I just wanted to say thank you!!!
~ Sonia of Sand Rock

Great state history curriculum!
~ Michelle of Millbrook

Just wanted to let you know your history curriculum guide is fantastic. By the way, we are stretching out our Alabama History study, because we have a lot of history in this area that I had no idea about (Andrew Jackson was all over this area fighting Native Americans). Thanks again and take care!
~ Christine of Ohatchee

We've appreciated your curriculum. I've used it as a guide and have found it helpful. Thanks so much.
~ Denise of Wetumpka

I read the introduction to the book and went to several sites for the first lesson, and I now have Alabama History plans ready for next week! Thank you so much for writing and compiling this curriculum! I am amazed at the information you've provided! You have done an amazing and an outstanding job in researching and writing this text for Alabama History!
~ Suzy of Fairhope

I received the Alabama History Curriculum today. Thank you so much. I know that we will enjoy using it. And thanks for the timely manner that you filled my order.
~ Debora of Boaz

I can't wait to delve into your Alabama State Curriculum. I just read the table of contents and it looks like you covered everything, even covered bridges! Thank you so much for putting this together for other homeschooling families. We are looking forward to learning about our beautiful state and the people who have gone before us.
~ Rachel of Moody

I am very excited about the Alabama History course and feel that my daughter will really enjoy it. Thank you for all your help.
~ Patricia of Loxley

It came in the mail today. I have already looked over it briefly and am amazed at all of the different fun-looking activities that I know our children will enjoy. We will use it for many years to come, I'm sure. Thanks again.
~ Stacey of Monroeville

After many years as a public and private Christian school teacher, I now homeschool my own child who is a fourth grader. The 4/5th grade [co-op] class is a group of 12 students whose parents prefer to have them take a “for credit” state history class with lots of fun activities as opposed to teaching it at home. I love to teach history and make it hands-on and interactive, but find that I do not have a lot of resources to do so for Alabama history as I taught U.S. history in the classroom years ago. We are only two weeks into the class and I am using State History from a Christian Perspective by Joy Dean which is great, but really does not fill the time slot I have fully. Nor is it as hands-on as I would like. It just needs to be a bit more fleshed out to meet the needs of my kids. Also, I need more literature suggestions, and find that many of the ones out there are not quite appropriate for a Christian environment (ghost stories and such). Your curriculum looks like it will fit perfectly! Games and crafts will be great. They love things like that!
~Laura of Madison